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Why does the ringer on some Samsung cell phones start low and increase in volume?

Q. My old Samsung phone used to do this and new SGH-A257 that I got does this as well and its annoying. The phone receives a call and the ringer starts to ring at a low volume and gradually gets louder to whatever you have set to. Basically, even if you have set to the loudest, you might not hear it for the first 3-4 seconds when the phone receives the call.
My previous phone had the ascending ringtone setting, but this new SGH-A257 does not and it still does it.

A. I used to have a Samsung and if I remember rightly you have to go into Settings>ringtones and make sure the setting is set to ringing or normal NOT ascending, am sure you will find it.

Can a Samsung cell phone car carger work on a Samsung camera batter?
Q. I bought a car charger for my Samsung Eternity cell phone and noticed that one of the attachments fits in my Samsung SL620 camera slot. I wonder if it will charge in my car as well?

I don't want to try it just yet in case something bad can happen.
*charger and battery
Yikes! I should have previewed my spelling.

A. I would not reccomend it.

How do I download photos from my Samsung cell phone onto my computer?
Q. My phone is pretty basic. It's the $60 phone from Walmart. I don't know anything about how to get the photos off the phone onto my computer. I even tried to email them but that won't work. Please help! Thanks.

A. Assuming you phone is not over 3 years old...
You need a micro USB to USB cable. Ask anyone who does not have an iPhone to borrow one because everyone should have one lying around since all phone's chargers (that are not iPhones) are the same plug type.

All you need to do is use this cable, connect it to your phone and computer and it should register on your computer as a flash drive. From there just copy or cut and paste from your phone to your computer.

Done and done.

Hope this helped!

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