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How do you block incoming text messages on your samsung phone?

Q. My text bill for my phone is 24$. I haven't sent a single message to anyone. Is there a way to block incoming messages on my samsung phone?

A. You would have to contact your carrier to block it. Only if they have that option.

Some carriers you'll have to block number by number.

What is the purpose of the little crosses printed on Samsung phone batteries?
Q. I know about the plus/ minus signs on batteries, but if you look on a Samsung battery there is a small white patch, with one or two rows of crosses. I just wondered what they were there for.

A. the 'cross' is actually a "plus sign" +

that indicates the positive side of the battery or the positive wire lead if a wire is attached.

it's so you will insert it with the correct polarity in your phone - look for the + sign on you phone for proper installation

My Samsung phone is frozen at the start up screen, anything I can do to fix it?
Q. All of the sudden my phone just died! It has the samsung logo on the screen and won't open up. Anybody had this issue before?

A. Yea. Remove the back cover, remove the battery and put it again. Try to restart then. If problem persists,contact your phone dealer.

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