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How to fix my frozen plasma screen samsung tv?

Q. We are trying to get it to the dvd component of the monitor, because the sound is running and the dvd is also spinning. So I know it is frozen. Its frozen on "component 1", and all it is is a black screen with a box saying "component 1" in the corner. Since its mounted onto the wall, I'm not sure which of the many plugs manually unplugs it. It will also not shut off from the button ON the monitor. Any help?

A. You have got to unplug it no other choice.

How to get the lcd tv logo off a samsung tv?
Q. On my new samsung 32 inch lcd tv there is a logo that says "lcd tv ToC series 4" followed by a few logos beneath it. It keeps reappearing and is very aggravating.

A. You need to change your tv mode from store to home. Check in the main tv menu under the Plug and Play button. The home/store mode selector should be in there. If not, do a search for where it's located on your exact model.

How do I achieve the Best Quality Video with my Samsung TV and Blu Ray?
Q. How do I achieve the best quality picture and video with my Samsung LN40A550 and my Samsung Blu Ray Player? What techniques and settings are the best?

A. Use a HDMI cable. Inexpensive works fine as long as the runs are less than about 12 feet.

Buy a copy of the BluRay version of Digital Video Essentials. Use the tutorials to adjust the color/brightness/contrast between your BluRay player and your TV.

You cannot simply use anyone elses numbers because your equipment is different from others. The adjustments are there BECAUSE of these differences.

Many Pixar disks like the new Wall-E disk have simple test patterns and instructions, but Digital Video Essentials is better.

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