Rabu, 24 April 2013

Can a Samsung cell phone car carger work on a Samsung camera batter?

Q. I bought a car charger for my Samsung Eternity cell phone and noticed that one of the attachments fits in my Samsung SL620 camera slot. I wonder if it will charge in my car as well?

I don't want to try it just yet in case something bad can happen.
*charger and battery
Yikes! I should have previewed my spelling.

A. I would not reccomend it.

How do i transfer downloaded ringtones to my samsung cell phone?
Q. I have Samsung t609 and have downloaded few ringtones. Can anyone help telling how i can use these ringtones for my phone.

A. I have the A707 and haven't figured it out either
I do have the cables and software

How do I recover a deleted picture from my Sprint Samsung cell phone?
Q. I accidentally deleted a picture from my cell phone. I haven't saved any other pictures yet. How can I recover this picture from my Samsung cell phone?

A. if you deleted a picture from your phone there is no way to recover it, sorry.

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