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How do I make my Samsung TV to be full screen?

Q. I set have a Samsung Flat Screen Television and I have already changed my screen ratio to 16:9 already but it's still not full screen. The left and right sides of my screen are black. When I bought my television you could watch TV in full screen but I think it got changed by accident.

A. most TV's I know use the # key on the remote to cycle between viewing modes. Try that on your Sammy.

Will a wireless repeater relay internet to my Samsung TV instead of a wireless bridge?
Q. Most suggestions for internet hookup suggest a wireless bridge, but I wondering whether or not the "typically" cheaper wireless repeater would be an alternative. Also, please explain in layman's terms the difference between a repeater and a bridge.

A. I´ve tried Internet television now for a while and definitely think it is both the cheapest and best. I´ve also found a super good link.

How to fix my frozen plasma screen samsung tv?
Q. We are trying to get it to the dvd component of the monitor, because the sound is running and the dvd is also spinning. So I know it is frozen. Its frozen on "component 1", and all it is is a black screen with a box saying "component 1" in the corner. Since its mounted onto the wall, I'm not sure which of the many plugs manually unplugs it. It will also not shut off from the button ON the monitor. Any help?

A. You have got to unplug it no other choice.

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