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Is it possible to connect usb keyboard and mouse to my samsung tv and control computer?

Q. My computer is connected to my samsung tv by hdmi cable. I was wondering if it's possible to connect usb mouse and keyboard directly to tv and control computer that way(using hdmi cable connection)?

I would like to play video games on my tv instead of computer's monitor, but it is too far from my computer to use wireless controls.

A. You cannot use a Keyboard or Mouse on the TV. The TV is just a display, you have to connect them directly to the PC. I would recommend relocating your PC so that it's closer. Or buying USB Extenders for the Keyboard/Mouse.

How do I change designated channel numbers on a Samsung TV?
Q. Since my laptop broke, I've been having to use my Samsung TV as my computer monitor. However when I have to turn the PC channel on, I have to press 'source' 3 times. Is there any way I can program it so that I can simply press one button to get my PC channel on?

A. Actually NEWER Samsung TVs sense which inputs are connected, and are active....and with ONE push of a button, you are there....

Obviously, you have an older TV...so you're going to have to do it the old Cave-man way just like the rest of us Cave-men.

How do I connect a ps3 via HDMI cable to Samsung TV?
Q. I can connect my PS3 via the supplied cable with the console, but I needed to buy an optical cable to use also. When I connect my ps3 through the supplied cable, it works fine through the tv and the surround sound. However, when I connect my ps3 through the optical cable to the HDMI, I only get sound.

Can anyone help ?

A. i had the same problem. it's slightly different with everything, but this is how it usually works;
1. plug in both cables into the right places in your ps3 and tv.
2. if you are just getting sound when you switch your tv setting to HDMI, go back to your normal settings, and switch your ps3 display settings to HDMI.
3. it should now display video as well as sound
hope that helps :)

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