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How do I recover a deleted picture from my Sprint Samsung cell phone?

Q. I accidentally deleted a picture from my cell phone. I haven't saved any other pictures yet. How can I recover this picture from my Samsung cell phone?

A. if you deleted a picture from your phone there is no way to recover it, sorry.

Why can't a Samsung cell phone from StraightTalk upload pictures to the computer?
Q. We have the right connections. My 15 yr old son says that some picture phones won't upload to the computer. Then why do they have cameras?

A. The pictures can be stored in two places, on the phone or on the Micro SD card. The reason he can not access his pictures is because the pictures are being saved on the phone and the computer is accessing the Micro SD card.

He needs to move the pictures from the phone to the memory card. This way he will be able to see all of his pictures.

How do you add music to a Samsung cell phone?
Q. My Samsung cell phone has a music feature but I'm not sure how to get my songs from iTunes (or anywhere) onto the cell phone. The instruction manual says how to play a song once it's on there but doesn't say how to get the song on there in the first place! Erg. I'm very frustrated. Please help me.

A. connect it to your pc then hit start on your PC then go to computer then click on removable disk drive

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