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How do you use a data cable for a Samsung phone after it's installed on a computer?

Q. I bought the cable with an installation disk, Windows found the hardware and found the driver on the install disk, and it was the correct one for my XP operating system. It completed with a successful install message, but I don't see at this point how I can use it. It doesn't show up as a new drive, storage device, or anything else in my computer. Theres no new program on the desktop for it, and theres no executable on the install disk. Any ideas?

A. Not all phones will just show up as something like a USB flash drive when they are connected. (In fact, of the three different models in this house - none of them do.) Instead, the cable is a USB to serial port converter and the phone shows up under the Modems and under the Ports sections of the Device Manager. The cable and driver gave you a communications path, but what you need is another application (that uses the driver you installed) to move data to/from the phone.

There may be additional programs on the CD that will do this. If not, look into BitPim at http://www.bitpim.org/ , which is my favorite. My son, though, has a Samsung Gleam, and the only thing he was able to use (so far - BitPim is updated often, so that may change) is QPST (Qualcomm Phone Support Tools, I believe) 2.7 bulid 215. This site has better screen captures than I could explain with words: http://www.menekali.com/qpst-27-build-215-direct-download/ You didn't mention which Samsung model you have, but maybe this will point you in the right direction.

How can I add pics to my computer from my samsung phone without using the internet?
Q. I have a usb cord, but all it does is charge my phone when I plug it into my computer. I'm looking for a way to transport my pictures from my phone to my comp using the cord. Steps please?

A. You can text them to your email. It only uses texts.

How to take a screen shot on a Samsung phone?
Q. I have a Samsung Impression phone and was wondering how to take a screen shot? Is it possible?

A. No it's not; you on;y really getthat kind of thing on iphones and ipod touches. Best you can do is take a picture of the screen with another camera (works better if it's on text and documents scene)

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