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How do you get a blackberry to bluetooth with Samsung phones?

Q. I want to know how do you get a blackberry phone to bluetooth with Samsung phones when you want to share songs?? My mate has got a blackberry and I tried to send her a song via bluetooth but it didn't work, my phone is Samsung Monte Slide btw.

A. It is actually tricky on the BlackBerry. You have to first pair the devices, then your friend has to send the file and you have to go into your Bluetooth menu and choose to receive a file. At that point it should start transferring said file to the BlackBerry.

What happens to people who have samsung phones now?
Q. Apple wants to ban some samsung phones. I have one of those phones. If they are in fact banned, what kind of compensation do I get for my phone? Do I get a new one, do I have to buy a new one? Will service be cut off to my phone? What happens?

A. Using corporate gigantism to squash any competition. Yet another reason to NEVER purchase Apple products.

Nothing will happen at all. You will not lose your service or your phone. You will continue using your phone as long as you like.

What Samsung phone is in the commercial where the waitress takes a picture of her phone number?
Q. Airing in Canada right now. The waitress slips the phone in the bill and takes a picture of herself and her phone number.

A. SGH D800

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