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What is the expected price of the samsung galaxy s2 when it releases in india?

Q. When is the new samsung galaxy s2 going to release in India! If so,what will be the price of the same when it releases???

Expert opinions plz!

A. Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Dates
UK will be shipping late March-April
Asia release is in 2011 on par with Europe release Q2 2011
Switzerland release is in May 2011
Denmark release is in May 2011 TBD
U.S. release is in April 2011 TBD

How can I get my samsung blackjack to ring more than twice before going to voice mail?
Q. My fiance' has a Samsung Blackjack, when a call comes in he says it will only ring twice before going to voice mail. How can we change that?

A. copy and paste this and click enter on the search box of the internet-http://samsung=search?+blackjck

How do you upload pictures from the samsung slyde to the computer?
Q. I have the samsung slyde m540 and i have it connected to my PC but i can't find the file of the phone anywhere and i have no idea how to upload the pictures i took on it. Help please!

A. You need an USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.
Do not use bluetooth, will not work.
Also you need Samsung PC Suite. Now you can transfer pictures from your phone to you pc.

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