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How long does your samsung messenger touch battery last?

Q. Everyone that has the samsung messenger touch please comment below. How long does your battery last. This is the 2nd messenger touch i have had and both of them have really bad battery life. My will last 7 hours and half of that is when its in sleep mode. I barely even use it. Is this normal because I think its ridiculous.

A. The battery for the Samsung Messager is rated at 1000mah which should give you approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes of talk time and 52 hours of standby. The only way I could see your battery dieing as quickly as you say is if you are using many apps at once...it seems very short. You may just need to replace the battery. It is available here:


Another option is to purchase a backup battery. There is one on the web page I linked to above that is 1900mah which will give you an extra 6 and a half hours of talk time. Good luck!

What cellphone is the closest thing to the Samsung A660 that uses a sim card?
Q. I used to own a Samsung A660 with sprint that I absolutely loved. I am now using cingular and I want a phone similar to the A660 that uses a sim card. What is the closes thing to it?

A. Samsung A501?

How do I connect my samsung home cinema to ps3?
Q. I have a samsung home cinema dvd system and can be connected to the TV, but how do I connect it to the ps3.
Urgent pls, thank you.

A. Your samsung receiver should have inputs: either optical or hdmi... Which both is N output of the ps3. Use whichever works for u best, good luck.

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