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What cellphone is the closest thing to the Samsung A660 that uses a sim card?

Q. I used to own a Samsung A660 with sprint that I absolutely loved. I am now using cingular and I want a phone similar to the A660 that uses a sim card. What is the closes thing to it?

A. Samsung A501?

How do I connect my samsung home cinema to ps3?
Q. I have a samsung home cinema dvd system and can be connected to the TV, but how do I connect it to the ps3.
Urgent pls, thank you.

A. Your samsung receiver should have inputs: either optical or hdmi... Which both is N output of the ps3. Use whichever works for u best, good luck.

How do I restore my Samsung laptop back to factory settings?
Q. Have a Samsung R580 laptop. Want to restore it back to factory settings with out a CD.

A. Unfortuantly this is not possible without the discs. You can order then direct from samsung however.

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