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How do I connect my samsung home cinema to ps3?

Q. I have a samsung home cinema dvd system and can be connected to the TV, but how do I connect it to the ps3.
Urgent pls, thank you.

A. Your samsung receiver should have inputs: either optical or hdmi... Which both is N output of the ps3. Use whichever works for u best, good luck.

How do I restore my Samsung laptop back to factory settings?
Q. Have a Samsung R580 laptop. Want to restore it back to factory settings with out a CD.

A. Unfortuantly this is not possible without the discs. You can order then direct from samsung however.

Is the problem with my samsung lcd tv fixable without having to replace the lcd display?
Q. While watching my 2 year old samsung LCD tv, several clusters of pixels (6 of them roughly 4"x4" each) began to gradually flicker rapidly back and fourth with different colors that do not match the rest of picture- it looks like little chunks of colorful static in several locations. Ideas as to the problem? Fixable without replacing the LCD?

A. its actually under the manufactures warrenty i know exactly what your talking about
basically what they do is split the screen into 4 quadrants and when you send it in they fix the quadrants

ummm samsung typically does 1 year warrentys
but if you bought and extended one from the store you bought it from take it back and they SHOULD take care of the problem

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