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What does the active applications on Samsung phone do?

Q. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and trying to figure out what all these apps and widgets do. In widgets, there's one called active applications. I know that you can see which apps you have recently opened and you can "end" them. It also displays the MB and CPU % of each active app. What exactly do those mean?

My question is does this widget benefit the phone at all when you "end" apps that you're not using? Does it save battery or Internet usage data?

Also please give other advice on how to save battery and especially save Internet data on the phone so i don't go over my limit of 5.0 GB. Thank you so much for helping a non-technology savvy person like myself.

A. Active applications refers to the applications running in the background. These applications consume system resources. The widget also shows the amount of RAM (Measured in Megabytes). RAM (Random access memory) is a temporary form of storage for data which keeps your applications running. Your CPU (Central processing unit ) processes data to carry out instructions to run applications. The more RAM and more CPU a certain process/application uses, the more likely it will make you smartphone feel slower.(You will not notice a significant drop in speed when having many active applications because the Galaxy S4 is one of the fastest and most powerful phones around).

To make sure you don't go over the network data limit, you can finish running applications which try to connect to the internet such as Youtube.

You can go to:
2-Connections (At the top)
3-Data Usage
4-Set mobile data limit
5-Set a limit on mobile data usage and a warning to tell you when you are getting close.

How to rid of pictures from Samsung phone?
Q. I have a SGH-T139 Samsung flip phone from T- Mobile, now on my photo album it only gives me two options "save or view" and nothing else. Is there a way to erase them as for I have no use for those pictures? I want to see if I can do this with out using customer service or going to a store but those are my last options. I went to the mall shops and they didn't have a clue on how to do it.
If it would of had a delete button I wouldn't be asking this question.

A. Click on the picture. Go to options and hit the delete button.

How do you use a data cable for a Samsung phone after it's installed on a computer?
Q. I bought the cable with an installation disk, Windows found the hardware and found the driver on the install disk, and it was the correct one for my XP operating system. It completed with a successful install message, but I don't see at this point how I can use it. It doesn't show up as a new drive, storage device, or anything else in my computer. Theres no new program on the desktop for it, and theres no executable on the install disk. Any ideas?

A. Not all phones will just show up as something like a USB flash drive when they are connected. (In fact, of the three different models in this house - none of them do.) Instead, the cable is a USB to serial port converter and the phone shows up under the Modems and under the Ports sections of the Device Manager. The cable and driver gave you a communications path, but what you need is another application (that uses the driver you installed) to move data to/from the phone.

There may be additional programs on the CD that will do this. If not, look into BitPim at http://www.bitpim.org/ , which is my favorite. My son, though, has a Samsung Gleam, and the only thing he was able to use (so far - BitPim is updated often, so that may change) is QPST (Qualcomm Phone Support Tools, I believe) 2.7 bulid 215. This site has better screen captures than I could explain with words: http://www.menekali.com/qpst-27-build-215-direct-download/ You didn't mention which Samsung model you have, but maybe this will point you in the right direction.

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