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How do you add music to a Samsung cell phone?

Q. My Samsung cell phone has a music feature but I'm not sure how to get my songs from iTunes (or anywhere) onto the cell phone. The instruction manual says how to play a song once it's on there but doesn't say how to get the song on there in the first place! Erg. I'm very frustrated. Please help me.

A. connect it to your pc then hit start on your PC then go to computer then click on removable disk drive

How do you change to thread messaging will samsung cell phone?
Q. I just got a Samsung Intensity SCH-u450 and in my text messaging inbox all of the texts are sorted by time, and NOt by contact...I keep on hearing how the phone has a mode where you can sort the texts by contact, in a thread, where you can see the entire conversation with that contact..

How do you do that??

A. You go to your inbox and go to options. Then find message view and select chat mode.

How can I get a Bible application for my samsung cell phone?
Q. I have the SAMSUNG SCH-u410. I really would like to find a way to get the Bible on my phone. Any ideas?

A. For the KJV version of the bible, you can try the GoBible available at http://gobible.jolon.org.

For daily devotional (Daily in Christ, Streams in the Desert and TGIF) on your cell phone, you can get free downloads from http://www.fourteenfloor.com.

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