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How do I get the code to unlock a Samsung phone?

Q. I am going to use my phone instead of buying a new one. Have the sim card, but must unlock it from the previous carrier.

A. Go to eBay.Com and buy one from there. Unlock codes are generally very cheap and will cost you about $1 to $10.

How do I put my itunes library onto my samsung phone?
Q. I recently bought a samsung galaxy s fascinate for verizon. I had an ipod touch and I now want to put my music from that into my phone and use it instead. I have an sd card for my phone but I dont know how to do it. Please help!

A. To play iTunes music with your phone, you need to convert the iTunes music (aac/m4a/m4p) to mp3 first due to the protection.

The easiest way is to burn the music to an audio CD in iTunes and then rip it back as mp3 files. Or you may get TuneClone to help you, which works great for converting a great number of music tracks, needs no CD discs and preserves the ID3 tags well.

Here is the official site: http://www.tuneclone.com

What is the purpose of the little crosses printed on Samsung phone batteries?
Q. I know about the plus/ minus signs on batteries, but if you look on a Samsung battery there is a small white patch, with one or two rows of crosses. I just wondered what they were there for.

A. the 'cross' is actually a "plus sign" +

that indicates the positive side of the battery or the positive wire lead if a wire is attached.

it's so you will insert it with the correct polarity in your phone - look for the + sign on you phone for proper installation

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