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How can I get a Bible application for my samsung cell phone?

Q. I have the SAMSUNG SCH-u410. I really would like to find a way to get the Bible on my phone. Any ideas?

A. For the KJV version of the bible, you can try the GoBible available at

For daily devotional (Daily in Christ, Streams in the Desert and TGIF) on your cell phone, you can get free downloads from

How can I lock my text messages on my Verizon Samsung cell phone?
Q. I don't want to lock my whole phone, but I want to lock my text messages so other people can't send or read them from my phone. Help?

A. go to messages, then inbox, then highlight the message. press options, and press lock. that's it!

My AT&T samsung cell phone is not working, can I get a new one and a different cell phone?
Q. Hi I have a Samsung propel cell phone and it not working. It shuts off all the time etc. Since it is under the manufactors warranty, can I exchange it for a different phone or does it have to be the same one?

A. chances are they won't give you a new one. They'll just fix it for you. Or send you a refurb. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to get a different one. Unless the phone is discontinued, unfixable, and there's no replacement unit in sight, but the propel is far from extinct so that won't happen.

example: if my samsung eternity were to break next year and there was no replacement for it, I would get a refurb of it's immediate successor, the samsung solstice.

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