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Is the problem with my samsung lcd tv fixable without having to replace the lcd display?

Q. While watching my 2 year old samsung LCD tv, several clusters of pixels (6 of them roughly 4"x4" each) began to gradually flicker rapidly back and fourth with different colors that do not match the rest of picture- it looks like little chunks of colorful static in several locations. Ideas as to the problem? Fixable without replacing the LCD?

A. its actually under the manufactures warrenty i know exactly what your talking about
basically what they do is split the screen into 4 quadrants and when you send it in they fix the quadrants

ummm samsung typically does 1 year warrentys
but if you bought and extended one from the store you bought it from take it back and they SHOULD take care of the problem

What lenses are good for the samsung nx1000 to take blurry background photos?
Q. I'm new to photography and just recently purchased a samsung nx1000. It comes with a 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. I've been wanting to take pictures of people where the background is blurred while the subject is in clear focus. I did a little research and people have told me that to obtain a blurred background, a low aperture range is ideal? My lens only goes to 3.5 so I've been looking for more accessories to test out. Aside from the Samsung lenses, what other lenses is compatible (with converter)? I've bought an canon eos lens converter but don't know which canon lenses will work with the nx. Sorry for the longwinded explanation! But your opinion is much appreciated. Thanks!

A. First, try to get your money back on the "converter" you bought. Actually, its properly known as an adapter and while it will allow you to use a Canon EF mount lens on your Samsung NX lens mount camera body you'll have no auto focus and only limited metering options.

Second, go here and learn about Depth of Field (DOF):

DOF is defined as that area in front of and behind your subject that is in focus.

There are 3 factors that affect your DOF:

1) The focal length of the lens.
2) The aperture used.
3) The subject distance.

You can use the DOF Calculator at this site - - to compute your DOF for any combination of the 3 factors imaginable. Here are a couple of examples:

50mm @ f5.6 focused on a subject at 5'-0'' DOF will be from 4'-8'' to 5'-5''. This means that anything from 0'-4'' in front of your subject (4'-8'' in front of your camera) to anything 0'-5'' behind your subject (5'-5'' in front of your camera) will be in focus. That is a reasonably shallow DOF.

50mm @ f16 focused on a subject at 5'-0'' DOF will be from 4'-3'' to 6'-2''. This means that anything from 0'-9'' in front of your subject (4'-3'' in front of your camera) to anything 1'-2'' behind your subject (6'-2'' in front of your camera) will be in focus.

In either example the background will be nicely out of focus as long as its a couple of feet behind your subject. You really don't need additional lenses although in my opinion the Samsung 60mm f2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA would be worth having.

So get your money back on that adapter and learn about DOF.

What is the expected price of the samsung galaxy s2 when it releases in india?
Q. When is the new samsung galaxy s2 going to release in India! If so,what will be the price of the same when it releases???

Expert opinions plz!

A. Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Dates
UK will be shipping late March-April
Asia release is in 2011 on par with Europe release Q2 2011
Switzerland release is in May 2011
Denmark release is in May 2011 TBD
U.S. release is in April 2011 TBD

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