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How can I get my samsung blackjack to ring more than twice before going to voice mail?

Q. My fiance' has a Samsung Blackjack, when a call comes in he says it will only ring twice before going to voice mail. How can we change that?

A. copy and paste this and click enter on the search box of the internet-http:// samsung=search?+blackjck

How do you upload pictures from the samsung slyde to the computer?
Q. I have the samsung slyde m540 and i have it connected to my PC but i can't find the file of the phone anywhere and i have no idea how to upload the pictures i took on it. Help please!

A. You need an USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.
Do not use bluetooth, will not work.
Also you need Samsung PC Suite. Now you can transfer pictures from your phone to you pc.

How do I transfer musics, videos and pictures to my samsung s3 mp3 player?
Q. I got samsung s3 mp3 player for christmas. I don't know how to transfer songs, videos or pictures. Can you please tell me what to do.
Best answer oficially gets 10 points.

A. Hey there, i got one too! :D:D i loves it!

First, you have to run the CD that came with the S3.

Then, when it is installed, you will have the Samsung Media Studio on your computer.

Down near the bottom of the Studio are two buttons: "Add Folder" and "Add File"

Select "Add Folder" to add an entire folder of music/viedos/whatever to the Studio

Select "Add File" to add you a single file.

Afterwards, select all of the files you want to move to your S3 by ticking the boxes beside them, plug in you S3, and click the button under "Portable" (If you hover over this button for a second it should say "Transfer to Portable Device"

Good Luck, if you need any more help feel free to talk some more!

Enjoy your S3, i love mine!

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